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Season 2 : Trailer

Fourth Estate Presents A Cook’s Chronicles, a podcast, from me Nigel Slater. In this second series you’ll be joining me on the story of my life in the kitchen from the first jam ta...

In our first episode we’ll talk exclusively to my lifelong editor, Louise Haines, about my writing from the days we first started working together, to now.

In this episode, we’ll walk the streets of Paris and discover the joy of a freshly baked baguette and delve into the depths of the perfect sourdough starter.

In this episode, we’ll discover the unparalleled joy of making the perfect tart – and how really, a serving someone a slice of tart is a true act of love.

In this episode we will fall in love with pie – pillow, potato and pastry topped, sweet and savoury.

Season 2 #5: Feasting

In this episode, we’ll be discussing the unbridled joy of a meat feast – tearing tender chicken from the bone, a humble feast inspired by my grandmother’s kitchen in 1964,  a celeb...

In this episode we’ll be celebrating that most simple of every day rituals – the ritual of tea.

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